Investing in the Hudswell Community Pub Ltd

HCP is seeking new members to join our Community Pub. In 2023 we want to improve the premises, update old and warn out equipment and improve the layout. This will be funded from a combination of using our reserves and from additional investment from both new and existing members.

If you would like to become a member of HCP and part owner of a traditional Dales pub, or if you are currently a member and would be prepared to invest more please use the electronic form below. HCP Ltd is a Community Benefit Society regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. HCP’s rules state that investors can withdraw their money when they wish to, having given the required notice of three months. Over the past 13 years every request to withdraw funds made to the board has been agreed and acted upon in a timely fashion. The co-operative rules do give the directors the power to refuse a request to withdraw funds if it will endanger the business. The board have never needed to use these powers and it is our very firm intention not to use them unless absolutely necessary. We want investors to know that their money is available if and when they need it. As in the past we anticipate that there will be a waiting list of new members ready to replace investors that withdraw funds.

The shares that members buy are redeemable in the way set out above, but they are not transferable (i.e. people cannot sell, or give them to anyone else). This arrangement allows the society to be exempt from the Financial Services and Markets Act for Society share issues.

It is important for members to understand that the value of their share will not increase. The only financial benefit for members is from the interest that is paid. The more important social benefit is being member of a successful co-operative that provides a range of valuable services to the residents of Hudswell and visitors to the village. It promotes social cohesion, community development and economic and social well-being in Hudswell. We intend that level of this interest will continue to be competitive.

This proposal is not regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 because the shares in the co-operative are not “securities‟ for the purpose of those regulations. It is therefore not authorised by the Financial Services Authority. If the business fails investors have no right of complaint to the Financial Ombudsman or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.